Graffiti Writers Return from Exile at Zhou B Art Center

Work by "ZORE" Mario Gonzalez Jr.

Some find little merit in the graffiti that adorns the walls of abandoned buildings or the sides of subway trains here in Chicago.   And yet the graffiti artists persevere, wielding their cans of spray paint, creating spontaneous arabesques and turns in various colors.

Work by "ZORE" Mario Gonzalez Jr. At the Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport, from Friday, Jan. 18 through Saturday, Feb. 9,  you can take a look the work of 20 some graffiti artists who started forging their urban style and gaining notoriety in the 80’s and 90’s.   Now they’re all grown up, mature visual artists who have exchanged the thrill of spraying a subway train for the comfort of painting in warm studio space.  Having pioneered one of the most controversial and influential urban art movements of our time, they continue to expand their artistic vision

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Work by "ZORE" Mario Gonzalez Jr

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