Alchemy’s Daughter isn’t here quite yet, but some awards are

When I started working on Alchemy’s Daughter when my son was still in pre-school, I never imagined it would take fourteen years before I would hold a printed copy of the book in my hand.  But as I’ve said before, good things take time.  Like other artists I know, sometimes I second guess my path, wonder if spending so much time writing novels about alchemy and the lives of women who lived long ago is folly.

But just when the doubts start to creep back in, subtle and not so subtle messages seem to arrive from the universe.  All things arrive in threes, and so arrived the early book awards for Alchemy’s Daughter, forthcoming in May 2015.  Thank you so much, Literary Classics for the gold, Paris book festival for the grand prize, and Hollywood book festival for best YA.

Dreams come true when you persevere, not for weeks or months, but for years and years.  Although it can be tough to stay the course when you feel lost at sea, it’s so worth it when you reach a welcoming port, especially if the port happens to be Paris. 🙂

About Mary A. Osborne

Mary A. Osborne is a contributor at Parabola magazine and the author of Alchemy's Daughter and Nonna's Book of Mysteries.
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