I just bought a ZORE

Original work by Mario Gonzalez Jr., ZORE

Painting by Mario Gonzalez Jr., ZORE

I would not call myself an art collector, but the walls of my home are filled with paintings by various artists.  My mother, Lori Bloom Bohaty, was a painter, and so her work is well represented.  There are also a several lithographs, a religious icon, a sculpture of welded iron, and a stained glass window.  It might be true that I didn’t need any more art.  And yet, when I see a piece of art that belongs in my  home, I somehow know it.  That’s why I bought a piece by Mario Gonzalez Jr. AKA ZORE, this week.

Painting by Mario Gonzalez Jr., ZORE

Painting by Mario Gonzalez Jr., ZORE

An original piece of art transforms a room in a way that even the most beautiful set of furniture from Room and Board cannot.  When the energy of an artist mixes with his medium, a mysterious alchemical transformation occurs.  The resulting work of art imbues the space it occupies with the the living spirit of creativity.    Every time you look at a piece of art you love, it reminds you of what it is to be alive.  For we are all here to create, to be artists in whatever it is we have chosen to do.

In my humble opinion, the mass-produced prints available at IKEA or Target might be somewhat pleasing to the eye, but the feeling they produce is just not the same.  And if you can afford a big screen TV, an iPad, or a smart phone, you can afford original art.

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