About Off the Grid Authors and Artists

Off the grid authors do not aim to write the next breakout novel.  In fact their works, like Melville’s Moby Dick, might very well go unnoticed for many years.  Off the grid artists, like Edouard Manet, do not create art to suit the critics.  I paint what I see, and not what others like to see, Manet said.

Manet Painting, illustrating outsider art, independent artists

It’s not that those who work off the grid don’t appreciate critical or commercial success.  It’s that they create works of art that spring from their souls rather than popular trends.  Off the grid authors and artists go about their craft quietly and patiently, shaping and refining works of art because they can do no less.  The coming collection of short essays, posts, and images aims to celebrate the author as creative artist and to illuminate a few lesser known, non-corporate driven works.