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Artist Waylaid: Michelangelo’s stint as a defense engineer

Artists, writers, creatives, take heart; even Michelangelo was waylaid from his vocation as a sculptor when practical demands required that he direct his efforts elsewhere for a time. The master of Renaissance art was obliged to set aside his excellent … Continue reading

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Goodbye house next door, hello new novel

The walls of my Wrigleyville office are shaking because the building next door is being torn down.  Another vintage home giving way to the bulldozer and making way for a new, luxury, single-family home. Before it was bought by a … Continue reading

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Why can’t I be more like Louisa May Alcott?

During her 55 years, Louisa May Alcott wrote more than 30 books.   The first one, Flower Fables, was written when she was just 22 years old.  Little Women, one of my girlhood favorites, of course followed, as did Little Men, … Continue reading

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Starting Off the Grid

I begin as all authors begin—off the-grid.  It is where writers go when they write.  They take their laptops and sequester themselves in home offices, cafés and cottages, turn off the phones, forget facebook and twitter.  While most authors aspire … Continue reading

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